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Raymond Wilkins Named as New Jordan Head Coach

03/09/2014 12:00:00 ص

Ray Wilkins (center) with JFA President HRH Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein (right) and former caretaker coach Ahmad Abdul Qader (left)

Jordan Football Association (JFA) has named Raymond Wilkins (Ray Wilkins) as the new Jordanian National Team Head Coach and Frank Stapleton as his assistant, while retaining the services of the current coaching staff that is consisted of Ahmad Abdul Qader, Anzor Hina, Waleed Michael and Manuel Barriounuevo.


The decision was taken under the guidance of JFA President HRH Prince Ali Bin Al-Hussein, who was trusted by the JFA Executive Board to choose the suitable candidate for the Jordan National Team’s coaching post due to his great vision in leading Jordanian Football towards success since he was first elected as President of Jordan Football Association in February 1999.

The newly appointed Head Coach will take on the duties of the National Team after they comeback from their friendly encounters against Uzbekistan on September 4th 2014, and China on September 9th 2014.


Ray Wilkins accompanied Prince Ali to the Nashama’s first training session on August 28th 2014, to take a closer look at the team and observe the technical and fitness side of Al-Nashama. Wilkins has also inquired about the players in terms of technical aspects, and then got several videos of the National Team’s matches at the Asian Cup Qualifiers, the World Cup qualifiers, West Asian Football Federation Championship, in addition to the friendly encounter against Colombia for review and study.


Raymond Colin "Ray" Wilkins (born 14th of September 1956) is an English coach and a former International footballer.

He was a key midfielder for the England national football team during the 1980s, and enjoyed success at various clubs including Chelsea, Manchester United, Queen Park Rangers, and Rangers.

As a coach, Wilkins started his career in 1994 when he became the head coach of Queen Park Rangers and lead them in 80 games until he left his post in 1996 become the manager of Fulham. After he left Fulham in 1998, Wilkins worked as a coach at Chelsea and Watford, before leaving to Milwall as an assistant manager from 2003 until 2006. In 2008, he was appointed as an assistant coach at Chelsea with coach Felipe Luiz Scolari. Wilkins remained as an assistant manager to Carlo Ancelotti after Scolari’s departure until 2010.  Ray Wilkins returned to Fulham as an assistant head coach at Fulham in 2013 and left his post in 2014.







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